The Road to Waterbury: Under Construction

stowe street waterbury proposed construction

stowe street emporium storefront

Stowe Street Emporium is just one of the local businesses at the heart of downtown Waterbury and each one of us shares a different relationship with the Waterbury construction taking place so close to our front doors. In a time that is unsure, concerning, and even scary for some, we want to offer some words of positivity and praise.

Waterbury: The Crossroads of Vermont

Waterbury was once known as the recreational crossroads of Vermont, a town that not only houses Ben & Jerry’s first factory, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, The Cold Hollow Cider Mill, the birthplace of Heady Topper, and an endless list of other shops, restaurants, and activities, but is the perfect location from all other major cities and tourist destinations in Vermont. With just a hop to Stowe, a jaunt to Burlington, and a jog to Montpelier, Waterbury truly was and is the crossroads of Vermont.

Since then, our little town has rebranded as “Uncommonly Vermont”, a slogan that fits just as nicely. Waterbury is as Vermont as it gets, but with a little twist, something the aforementioned businesses demonstrate. This is a town that is home to entrepreneurs and leaders in their fields, celebrating not only what it means to be a small business, but what it means to be a Vermont business. As Small Business Week was celebrated earlier this month, we were left with a renewed appreciation for just how big small business can be.

Waterbury Main Street Construction

proposed waterbury construction

We have established that Waterbury is a special place, but we also know that there is some concern surrounding the transformation the town is set to take in the next few years. So many of the small businesses that we celebrate are located along Main Street, the one currently filled with heavy machinery and construction equipment. The town has gone to great lengths to allow traffic to continue flowing on Main Street, something that should quell the initial concern felt by many when this project was first announced.

We don’t know how tourists and locals might feel and we don’t know how sales might be impacted, but we remain hopeful and positive. We do know that Waterbury is strong. Waterbury has been built and rebuilt before. We are a town that comes together for the hard stuff, pitches in a little extra when it’s needed, and finds new ways to grow and shine during each obstacle.

The Heart of the Matter

The Main Street Construction is not a tragedy, but a chosen opportunity. Waterbury has seen tragedy and loss all too recently, and we have rebuilt and remained a strong and thriving town of homes and businesses. What we want to emphasize is that even while we need to band together these next few years, this construction in no way compares to the loss that has been felt in the past.

This is a moment where we are choosing to grow. We are investing in our future. We are creating a more beautiful place and space and doing so with warning and planning. It is a loss to see some of our beautiful trees removed from properties, it is a loss to find new routes to our homes and works. But it is a joy and a celebration to know that Waterbury is creating the best future possible and positioning ourselves as a town worthy of visiting, exploring, and discovering.

Cheers to Waterbury Construction

stowe street waterbury proposed construction

What do we want to emphasize? The concerns are real and they are valid. The frustration felt by homeowners and businesses is both logical and understandable. However, the Waterbury construction is happening, and it’s our job to keep up with it and celebrate the good that will come of it. We are thrilled to see the new heights Waterbury will reach in the coming years.

We hope you will join us in visiting Black Back Pub for the best craft brews around. We hope you’ll book a massage at BHAV Spa. We hope you’ll shop for groceries at the Village Market. We hope you’ll grab a sandwich from Stowe Street Café and find your new favorite read from Bridgeside Books. We hope you’ll find a hidden gem at the Tiny Acorn and spend the night at The Old Stagecoach Inn. We hope your children enjoy their time at Hunger Mountain Children’s Center and we hope you’ll do it this summer and the next and the next.

Join us in celebrating Waterbury, supporting local businesses, and forever celebrating this unique town.diggin main street punch card initiative during waterbury construction

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