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sustainable products at stowe street emporium

Sustainability has been a topic for ethical consumers for a long time now, but recently it has become more mainstream and even trendy to use sustainable products. Have you noticed that metal and other reusable straws seem to be everywhere now? Ditching single-use plastic like straws, to-go cups, plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags, zip lock bags, plastic bottles, and other plastic containers has become a huge push and for very valid reasons. Take a look at some of the products we have in store that can help you reduce the single-use plastic in your life and get one step closer to living waste-free.

Bee’s Wrap

bees wrap at stowe street emporiumBee’s Wrap is another one of those great things that’s putting Vermont on the map. A local mother wanted to reduce the waste of food storage with everything from cheese in the refrigerator to leftovers after a party to packing lunches for her kids. Let’s just quote her website on the details of how it’s done.

“What she discovered is a lost tradition made new again. By infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, she created a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap.”

Bee’s Wrap has gone on to feature multiple designs, shapes, and sizes as well as gaining national attention (literally, from National Geographic). It’s an honor to carry this Vermont-made product that makes the world a bit cleaner with every sale.


stasher sustainable products containerStasher is like the perfect blend of sandwich bags and Tupperware. Instead of plastic, Stasher products are made of pure platinum silicone that is made from natural resources (primarily sand!) and is 100% BPA free with no fillers. As their tag says, “microwave safe, fridge friendly, dishwasher safe, and oven strong”! Oh, and their mission statement is: “to provide a reusable alternative to disposable plastic baggies and single-use plastic containers.” Sound like something that could fit into your daily life? Come by and check out some of the sizes and options we keep stocked in-store! 

kikkerland reusable produce bag

Kikkerland Sustainable Products

Kikkerland is a little different than some of the other businesses and teams on this list. They didn’t set out with one eco-friendly product in mind, but offer a crazy set of creative items for your home and life. They take “the most utilitarian gadgets” and make them fun! Their cotton market bag is made of 100% cotton and holds up to 22 lbs.

While you’re here, you can also snag a pack of stainless-steel reusable straws (now with a cleaning brush included). We’ve also got a travel straw set and rainbow reusable straws. Basically, all the straw options your sustainable heart could desire!

ABD Culture

alixandra barron sustainable design Now, typically jewelry doesn’t fit into the “single-use plastic” category, but when we’re talking about sustainable products, we have to talk about Alixandra Barron. Chances are, you’ve started to notice baristas, waitresses, fitness instructors, and just about everyone around you wearing these funky black jewelry items. ABD jewelry is all made from recycled materials, primarily rubber inner tubes. She also upcycles Legos for bracelet latches! It’s gorgeous, bold, unique, and helps give new life to something that otherwise would have been trash. Sound like the sustainable dream?

NOW Designs

now designs bowl covers

Next in the produce bag market comes NOW Designs. Their cotton produce bags come in a set of 3 and cut out the need for plastic bags. NOW Designs tablecloths and napkins are made 100% from plastic bottles taking single-use plastic and putting it to good use. They’re unbelievably soft, something you wouldn’t expect from a plastic bottle, and wash up beautifully.

More from NOW Designs are their machine washable bowl covers. There are so many options available to make your life more sustainable, plus it saves you from buying plastic wrap and baggies all the time. We call that a win!

Shop Local

While we admit it’s to our benefit to support shopping local, we also think it’s truly the right way to go. Our town’s slogan is “Support Waterbury – Think Local, Buy Local, Be Local.” Being able to provide a platform for everyone from local startups to nationally loved products is invaluable to us. We love supporting local artists by selling their products in our store and we love supporting the local community by offering the best products possible.

Is there a sustainable alternative you’d love to see from us? We’ve got more in-store than we could highlight here. Come check out products like Blu Bags from Rock Flower Paper. Are you trying to avoid pulling up that app on your phone and ordering one for speedy delivery from mega-corporations? Just stop in and let us know, we’d love to hear suggestions and recommendations!

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