Cook Up Some Joy this Fall: Shop Vermont

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Fall is known for many things and one of them is baking. We love cute pumpkin cookies, hot apple pies, toasty breads, and so much more. Not only are fall treats always delicious, but making them can create the most cherished memories. If you’re cooking for a house full of family, making fall cookies to share, or just indulging in your own favorite hobby, we have tons of fun items to make your cooking and baking that much more special.

Cute Cookie Cutters

cooking utensils at stowe street emporiumAs a kid, I can remember opening up my grandmother’s kitchen drawers to find a never-ending supply of magical mysteries. One of the most special was always the drawer full of cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes. Pressing those special cookie cutters into the dough was the best part! Or maybe it was frosting them? Or maybe it was eating them? It’s hard to pick, but all I remember is having tons of fun making sugar cookies or creative pie crusts with that magical supply of cookie cutters.

Coconut Wood Rolling Pins

Have you seen these environmentally-friendly rolling pins? I’ve been struggling with the same slightly broken rolling pin for too many years before I finally accepted that I needed a new one and boy am I glad I did. Coconut Wood is beautifully crafted and features a speckled texture, this hard-working utensil is sure to become a favorite when it’s time to bake.

Creative Kitchen Tools

creative kitchen toolsDo you ever see something and realize you’ve been doing things the hard way for no reason? With everything from the perfect Decorating Bulb to make the cupcakes of your dreams to square measuring spoons that fit in spice jars perfectly, it’s time to take your kitchen to the next level. We aren’t letting Thanksgiving dinner take over our lives this year! We’re ready with all kinds of tools, slicers, measuring cups, pie shields, storage containers, spatulas and peelers to keep things on track.

What else do you love about fall cooking and baking?

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